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The holding company, LU Holding AB, is owned by the Swedish state but managed by Lund University. The aim is to create new companies and licences based on knowledge from Lund University and thereby contribute to growth and job creation in Sweden.

Through the holding company, Lund University can work operationally to bring new innovations to the market, by becoming the part-owner of research-based companies or helping to license research results to established companies. The holding company can support newly founded companies both operationally and financially, help with agreement templates and provide representatives to the board.

Equity in over 60 spin-out companies

Our portfolio is highly dominated by the fields of life science and technology.

The companies within the life science field are further divided into medical engineering, diagnostics, drug development and biotechnology companies and they mainly develop innovations to improve health care in society.

The companies within the food sector work mainly with health foods and functional foods, whereas the companies within the area of nanoscience and technology concentrate on developing high-tech products.


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LU Holding is the investment function at Lund University. LU Holding and LU Innovation  functions as one unit with a joint mission and joint management.


Want to know more about our investments or subsidiaries? Contact christine [dot] widstrand [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Christine Widstrand), Executive Vice President LU Holding.