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What LU Holding offers

LU Holding invests in innovative companies that have substantial growth potential and a committed team. We are an experienced and secure partner whose support for you and your company also includes operational involvement.

We provide you with the conditions for success

Experience – Perhaps you will start only one company in your lifetime. Over the years we have done it over 100 times, and in the last three years alone we participated in the start-up of over 30 new companies. We know what it involves and how we can provide you with the best possible conditions.

Network – You don’t need to create a network yourself. We have personal contacts with hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs and potential board members, who are all curious about your company. Via our network, we can help you to form your team.

Financing – Most growth companies need an injection of external capital, but only a few of all start-ups manage to obtain it. Among our companies, over 70% have received over SEK 1 million. We know how to create a long-term and financially beneficial plan for your company.

We give you credibility & security

We enable your entrepreneurship – Perhaps you want to continue your research while building up your company? We help you with the relevant rules and regulations on conflict of interest, secondary employment and your relationship with the University, so you can maintain good relations, even when you are involved with your new company.

On the founder’s side – Our task is to disseminate knowledge in society and create sustainable companies that contribute to sustainable growth. We will do what we can so that you, and your company, shall achieve success – and in that way also attain success for Lund University.

The Lund University brand – Having LU Holding as a co-owner is a stamp of quality. Lund University is one of Sweden’s largest universities and year after year is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

We provide practical help

Forming a board – To give your company the best possible start, we get involved in the board. We also actively help to bring in industrial expertise and form a complete board that takes the company in the right direction.

Legal & intellectual property support – Starting a company, signing contracts and securing your intellectual property involves several new issues that perhaps you have not encountered before. We have experts that can give you advice and support during the start-up phase.

Structure – Running and owning a company means a number of undertakings, which can feel like a burden if you do not have previous experience in this area. In the first few years we offer assistance with the formalities of ownership, board activities, registration etc. We also provide financial accounting and ensure that auditing is correct.

From you, we expect a fantastic idea with great potential and a commitment to success!





Contact us

LU Holding is the investment function at Lund University. LU Holding and LU Innovation function as one unit with a joint mission.

Want to know more about our investments or subsidiaries? Contact christine [dot] widstrand [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Christine Widstrand), CEO LU Holding.


We can help license research results to existing companies on the market.

Through a licensing agreement, you can grant others the right to use your invention or research results in exchange for a fee. However, it requires that you own the rights through some form of intellectual property protection.

A licensing deal involves negotiations and quite a lot of legal activity, which makes the transaction itself quite complex. We can through LU License help you with licensing strategies and licensing agreements.