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An overview of MxWaves functions

A method where electromagnetic radiation, which is basically energy, is concentrated and identified via a thin metasurface consisting of small metal elements that generate heat and convert it into thermal radiation. A thermal camera can then detect this, whereupon the company's proprietary software analyzes the image and gives a direct answer to the amount of radiation.

The need for this measurement methodology will increase in step with the transition to data transmission on higher frequencies, initial applications are judged to be, among other things, in the development of Internet of things-products and control of base stations. Clear advantages of this technology, apart from being able to measure in higher frequencies faster than current solutions, is the flexibility of the solution which is completely mobile.


Patented methodology for measuring electromagnetic radiation.

Founded by Johan Lundgren, Mats Gustafsson and Daniel Sjöberg.

Portfolio company since 2023.


Portfolio Manager LU Holding: 

rickard [dot] sjostrom [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Rickard Sjöström) telephone +46 76 842 03 95.