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Lund University researcher Klas Nilsson and five colleagues from LTH founded Cognibotics after participating in a three-year EU project on the control of industrial robots. Cognibotics has developed a patented method that increases the precision of the hundreds of thousands of robots used in factories worldwide.

Using Cognibotics, factories do not need to purchase new robots or special machines with better technology, but instead can calibrate the robots’ control systems to compensate for disconnects and other deviations, which results in a higher level of precision.

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Specialised in methods for high performance and cost-effective use of robots.


Founded by Klas Nilsson with his research team.

Portfolio company since 2013.


Portfolio Manager LU Holding:

erik [dot] larsson [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Erik Larsson), phone +46 76 771 88 66