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The process of catalytic combustion is already well known, but it is not until now that the technology has become a practical possibility for all types of fuel – thanks to Zemission’s new burner. The burner produces complete combustion with emission levels 95–99 per cent lower than current technology. Because the emissions from Zemission’s burner are so clean that they are sometimes below the background levels in the air, it is in principle possible to speak of ‘zero emissions’. The technology has been developed by researcher Anders Vestin and is primarily intended for heating caravans and boats.

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Clean-tech company developing optimal burners for mobile application.


Founded by Anders Vestin.

Portfolio company since 2005.


Portfolio Manager LU Holding:

erik [dot] larsson [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Erik Larsson), phone +46 76 771 88 66