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LU Business Track

Do you have research findings that could make a difference but lack the time or knowledge to explore the commercial potential on your own? 

You don't have to do it alone. Apply to LU Business Track by May 15th. 


The programme

Lunds University's (LU) Business Track is a tailored programme where we pair you with a dedicated project team and financial support to assess and develop the commercial viability of your research — together.


What you get 

  • Dedicated support: Work closely with a project team and leader for hands-on support.
  • Funding to assess and develop the business case for building a startup based on your research. At this stage, access to up to SEK 200,000 in initial investment and up to SEK 300,000 in innovation grants.
  • Industry connections: Connect with potential customers, team members and stakeholders. Meet potential customers and stakeholders. Connect with potential team members that can help get the business off the ground.
  • Patent and business development: Guidance on patenting opportunities and practical business-case development. 

Who should apply?

Phds and researchers conducting research at Lund University: 

  • Who have an idea based on interesting research findings
  • Open to exploring commercialisation
  • Willing to have LU Holding, the University’s investment vehicle, as a minority owner and investor if a company is formed after LU Business Track

What we are looking for 

A handful of projects will be selected based on their suitability for the programme model. During the application process we will explore factors such as: 

The project's suitability is determined by factors including:

  • Market potential
  • Scalability
  • Uniqueness and competitive advantage
  • Legal rights to commercialise the research results
  • Willingness and need to bring in external investor

These factors will determine whether the project is suitable for the programme model. 

What is expected of me?

To ensure the project's success, it’s necessary to share expertise and be present at meetings, especially during the early stages of the project.
Through dialogue, we’ll establish the level of involvement you feel comfortable with and tailor your role in the project to match your individual situation. Whether your goal is to stay within academia or to build a startup, we can find a solution that works. 

Evaluation process

  • After the deadline is closed on May 15 at 12:00/noon CET, applications are reviewed by a committee
  • Between May 16 and June 12, all applicants are interviewed
  • The decision is communicated on June 14

Apply by May 15

Apply by filling in the application form below.

Send the application to lubusinesstrack [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se, by 12:00/noon CET, May 15, 2024.

Frequently asked questions

Find more info the ins and outs of LU Business Track in this FAQ. 

The goal of the programme is to assess and develop the business case. If during the programme we can build a strong business case, a company is formed together with the university’s holding company, LU Holding. If the business case is not strong enough, you will still have gained a lot of knowledge that you can take with you into future projects.  

The programme is tailored to each specific case and its length varies depending on the project needs. 

You may have formed a company; however, you are not eligible to apply if your company has brought in external investors.

If you are conducting research at Lund University you are eligible to apply. 

Everyone that meets the criteria stated above is welcome to apply! Please fill in the name of the person you are in contact with at LU Innovation in the application form. 

Yes. If there are several researchers behind the findings either apply together or add the  information in your application.  

LU Innovation is Lund University's innovation office, typically providing support to researchers during the early stages of their innovation journey. LU Holding is Lund University's investment vehicle and venture builder. Our teams work closely together, constituting the two core parts of the university's innovation system. Through the LU Business Track programme, you will receive support from both organisations in close collaboration. Similarly, both will participate in the interview processes and assessment of how suitable an application is for the programme model. However, as the investor, the final decision on which projects are suitable for the programme is made by LU Holding.