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LU Business Track

Are you a researcher at Lund University with a science-based idea or discovery? Look no further than LU Business Track. This is where we help you drive successful commercialization of your research and knowledge.

Turn your research into impact at scale

LU Business Track provides everything needed for you to solve real-world problems and make a difference in the lives of people, through commercialization.

You're the expert on your research - and we're experts on commercialization. All you need is a discovery or unique result, and we will ensure you have the rest in place to create impact. With a dedicated team from LU Innovation and LU Holding, with expertise in starting and scaling a company, industrial expertise to constitute a board, driven entrepreneurs to complete the founder team, as well as secured investments and funding – you can control the commercialization process and bring your ideas to market on your own terms.

With LU Business Track, you will have access to the resources and support needed to turn your unique research and knowledge into successful, international growth companies. Our aim is to accelerate and ease the track from research to societal impact.

    An experienced partner

    With LU Business Track, you get a competitive edge. You get a partner, advisor and investor by your side that will guide you through the process of starting and scaling a company.Together with local incubators such as Ideon Innovation, Smile and Minc, as well as industry experts and investors, we will make sure you get the best circumstances to grow. We have a track record of creating successful businesses from world-leading research, and have helped start close to 150 companies at Lund University.

    Ready to grow?

    Don't let your research collect dust on a shelf. Explore how to turn your research into impact with LU Business Track. 

    Get in touch with us at info [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: LU%20Business%20Track) (info[at]innovation[dot]lu[dot]se) to learn more about how we could tailor LU Business Track to your research and your needs. 

    What you will gain from LU Business Track


    Experienced in innovation, business development and company growth – our team from LU Innovation and LU Holding will work hands-on to ensure your company’s development and impact.


    Our extensive network includes industrial expertise from your market, board members and investors. If you want to stay in academia, we will hook you up with a CEO to drive the company. 


    We will help you form a board of experienced professionals. We'll also guide you through the legal parts, support you in IP questions, make sure the admin is in place, and market your company. 


    In order to get you off the ground quicker, you can receive soft funding up to SEK 700 000 and equity up to SEK 2 million. On top of that - we'll put you in contact with investors.

    What others say

    Linke photo

    It was very valuable that advisors from LU Innovation and LU Holding were with us all the way from an initial discussion of the idea, through the entire patent process, to practical support with starting the company, getting a board in place and leading the board in the first months.

    Heiner Linke, co-founder Aligned Bio

    Pires photo

    LU Innovation challenged our assumptions. In the beginning, we thought as researchers – now we think as entrepreneurs too. The help we received from LU Holding was invaluable, it helped us raise EUR 6 million in seed capital from some of the best European venture capital companies.

    Cristiana Pires, co-founder Asgard Therapeutics

    Gehrmann photo

    We had a promising technical solution as a result of our research, but we lacked people with interest and opportunity to step in as CEO. However, LU Holding's extensive network enabled us to find a very suitable CEO to take on the role and raise the necessary venture capital.

    Christian Gehrmann, co-founder Quritis

    Want to learn more?

    Do you have any questions about LU Business Track? We would love to hear from you!

    Send us an email to info [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se.