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Mantis Photonics


Millions of people worldwide are affected by Alzheimers Disease, and the fatality is increasing. With limited treatment available, early screening is the key to success.

Based on research from Lund University, Mantis Photonics is developing a new technique of hyperspectral retinal imaging, allowing Alzheimers Disease to be diagnosed through the eye's colour. 

The patented Mantis Hyperspectral Camera can detect Amyloid beta, a biomarker of Alzheimer, through retinal imaging. This solution is low cost, multi-purpose and efficient.


Mantis Photonics website

Mantis Photonics

New imaging technique for screening of Alzheimer Disease.

Founded by Diego Guénot and Denis Hellebuyck.

Portfolio company since 2021.

Portfolio Manager LU Holding:

eddie [dot] thordarson [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Eddie Thordarson), phone +46 70 874 99 02