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Previous holdings

A1M Pharma - Professors of Medicine Bo Åkerström and Stefan Hansson discovered that free fetal hemoglobin is harmful if it leaks into the mother’s blood circulation. This was how they came up with an idea to cure preeclampsia, a disease that worldwide kills one woman every three minutes. The drug is based on protein A1M, an endogenous substance that captures and neutralises toxic substances in the body. The protein protects tissue from inflammation when cells rupture. A1M is mainly produced in the liver, where it is secreted into the blood and quickly transported to all tissue before it is finally broken down in the kidneys.

Acconeer – develops a high-precision microwave radar system integrated on a single chip that enables radar functionality to be integrated into battery-driven and compact devices. Founded by Lars-Erik Wernersson, Mats Ärelid and Mikael Egard. Portfolio company 2011-2020. Listed on Nasdaq First North.

AcouSort – a biotech company providing solutions for automated sample preparations involving biological cells or other organelles, using the technology of acoustophoresis.

Actar – a pharmaceutical company.

Akribian – digital learning tool for teaching basic math to 7-9 year old children.

Applied Geomatics Sweden – dedicated to geoscience and geomatics. Preparation of spatial data, developing applications for mobile devices, GIS analysis and modeling, etc.

Apertilis – developing solutions that will make doors more secure and increase the resilience of burglary attempts.

Aventure – a biotechnology company that develops functional foods.

BibbInstruments – develops flexible endoscopic instruments for enhanced minimally invasive biopsies, based on the patented EndoDrill®-technologies.

BioActive Polymers – the developer of BioBarrier™, an effective and user-friendly post-surgical adhesion barrier spray.

Bioextrax – a biobased extraction platform technology. It is a green, cheap and selective technology avoiding harsh treatments and the use of chemicals.

BioInvent – a pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative antibody-based drugs against cancer.

BioMill – technology for grain sorting.

BPC Instruments – solution to optimise production of biogas through instruments that reduce time consumption and labour requirement for performing analysis.

B Venture – licensing company for beer that lowers cholesterol levels.

Caleigo – applications for mobile telephony.

ComVal Research – a tool for analyzing and evaluation internal communications in organisations.

Cognimatics – products in the areas of intelligent surveillance. Acquired by Axis 2016.

Compacta – a product designed to reduce surgical site infections (SSI) and provide optimal comfort and safety for physicians and patients.

ConCellae – biotech company.

Clinical Laserthermia Systems –  a product for the treatment of solid cancer tumors.

Debricked – born out of a research project in 2018, Debricked wants to make it easier for companies to use open source securely. They offer vulnerability management as well as license compliance and health, and in 2022 Debricked was acquired by Micro Focus, a multinational software and information technology business.

Dermagen – (merged into Pergamum) develops medicines for the treatment of infections caused by micro-organisms.

Efficax Energy - Solar thermal systems are good for both the environment and the household economy. However, complicated installation and long payback times mean that few households choose them. Lund University researcher Ricardo Bernardo came up with an idea of how to make solar thermal collectors both simpler and cheaper to install.

Exini – provides advanced software for image analysis within diagnostics.

Finja5 - The researchers had an idea to teach children in developing countries about human rights. Ericsson, with its global business network, was the perfect partner. Their collaboration laid the foundations for the company FinjaFive – a social innovation from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

GasOptics Sweden – offers measurement services determining the concentration and flow of gases with optical technology. 

Gasporox - The researchers developed laser technology to help the health service diagnose sinusitis. However, following a media scandal on the repackaging of minced beef, they saw a new area of application – quality control of packaged food without damage to either the contents or the packaging. The idea became the basis for the research company Gasporox.

Idogen – develops tolerogenic cell therapies to prevent the patient’s immune system from attacking biological agents, transplanted organs or the body’s own cells or tissues. Listed on Spotlight Stock Market.

Intenz Biosciences – environmentally friendly chemicals with the help of fungal enzymes. 

InXL Innovation – today Avensia AB, a leading nordic e-commerce provider.

ISET – a silicon-based plate covered with antibodies used to diagnose serious diseases such as cancer through an ordinary blood sample. 

Lundoch Diagnostics – developing an AI-based diagnostic tool using follistatin as a biomarker for type 2 diabetes.

Lundonia – biotechnology company that develops products for quantitative binding studies.

Nanosep – products in the area of medical diagnostics.

Medotemicmobile system for analyzing movement patterns of people walking asymmetrically.

Medvisooffers quantative medical image analysis.

Mistbase – provides a complete NB-IoT physical layer implementation solution. Acquired by ARM in 2017.

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical – biotech company in mitochondrial research and development. 

Nocturnal Vision – technique and development within nocturnal vision.
Optifreeze - Frozen fruit and vegetables lose both taste and consistency when they are defrosted. However, freezing technology could now take a new turn, thanks to a new method from the researchers behind the food company OptiFreeze.Their new method is based on the same technique that makes grass green again after a long, cold winter. The blades of grass contain a protein that protects the cells. By inserting this natural protein into fruit and vegetables before freezing, the cell structures can be preserved intact. This in turn helps preserve the taste, structure and quality of the food throughout the freezing process.

Phenoliv – extracts healthy antioxidants from waste products of olive oil production.

Phibioscience – develops a method for diagnosing ADHD.

ProEngCo Tooling – metallic alloys and production techniques for casting. 

ResQU – mobile phone locating system to find people that are found in avalanches.

SB1Pharma – uses proteasome inhibitors for the treatment of certain tumor types.

Sensodetect – diagnostic method for detecting ADHD and schizophrenia.

Senzagen – provides in vitro sensitization tests for the cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. More relevant and cost-efficient, making animal testing unnecessary and daily products safer. Listed on Nasdaq First North.

SpectraCure – software in the areas of medical technology.

Silent Control – more effective alarm management focusing on the reduction of false alarms.

Speximo – provides unique expertise and a strong IP portfolio related to particle-based formulation and encapsulation. Acquired by IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics (IFF-LMC) in 2019.

Swiftfoot Graphics – computer programme for the fast calculation of advanced 3D graphics. Sold to Intel in 2007.

Techmentum – a suture needle holder used by surgeons during operations. 

Thylabisco – satiety pill from spinach.

Trafvid – technique for using video to collect traffic data.

Umbilical Design – architecture and industrial design focusing on the space industry and extreme environments. 

Vibrosense Dynamics – systems for early detection of impaired vibration sensibility to prevent e.g. occupational injuries by vibrations.

Viscosens – developing healthy bread that reduces blood sugar levels.

Ximantis – a patented mathematical algorithm that can predict how traffic jams arise.

Wnt Research – develops novel anti-metastatic therapies.



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