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Thomas Rundqvist

As a Business Developer at LU Innovation, I have the privilege of working with ideas from all sorts of areas. I am passionate about finding business potential in early projects and bring it towards the market in the very best way. Early customer focus is one of my main tasks. Most people we work with have no previous experience of commercialization and it is just as exciting seeing how the ideas develop, as it is to follow the individual's development.

I have previously run a company, both as a shareholder and employee, and has experience in sectors and industries including manufacturing, cleantech, plastic and composite materials, power electronics, construction and real estate. My experience is that regardless of the industry - the business way of thinking right is universal. Within the academy, I have a PhD from Lund University (LTH) in materials and production techniques.


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Thomas Rundqvist
E-mail: thomas [dot] rundqvist [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se

Business developer

LU Innovation

+46 46 222 12 66

+46 70 219 70 72