About LU Innovation

LU Innovation is the hub for innovation and commercialisation and the Tech Transfer Office at Lund University. We work with the University's researchers and students to bring benefit and growth to society.


Our goal and mission is to contribute to increased and sustainable growth in Sweden by ensuring knowledge and research from Lund University benefit society. 

Our innovation organisation contains experience from research, industry and the public sector, as well as a large national and international network. 

The services we offer are freely available to researchers and students at all faculties at Lund University, regardless of discipline.


LU Innovation has two sections: one a part of the public authority and the other a holding company, which function as one unit with a joint mission and joint management.

LU Innovation is led by the board of the holding company and the steering group of the public authority section. The operations are led by Director of Innovation Linus Wiebe, who is both CEO of the holding company and Head of the public authority section.

LU Innovation is organised under Lund University’s Division for Research, Collaboration and Innovation. The division supports researchers, external cooperation partners and the University management on matters concerning research funding, funding through private sources, coordination of innovation and collaboration projects, research communication, third cycle studies, licensing and commercialisation of research findings, and support in external engagement issues.

Part-ownership and Research Agreements

The holding company, LU Holding AB, is owned by the Swedish state but managed by Lund University. Through the holding company, Lund University can work operationally to bring new innovations to the market, by becoming the part-owner of research-based companies or helping to license research results to established companies. Through the holding company, we can support newly founded companies both operationally and financially, help with agreement templates and provide representatives to the board.

For more information, see Portfolio companies.