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Previous innovation projects at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology have decided to encourage and support the development of ideas that can become new innovations. Here are the projects funded by the call for funding in 2021.

A tool for video language analysis

Henriette Arndt, Postdoc LU Humanities Lab

This project focuses on the development of an app for the linguistic analysis of online videos. The tool is intended to support second language learners in finding informal video resources, which are both interesting and linguistically accessible to them. Research indicates that many successful learners of English as a foreign language frequently engage with English-language TV series and films, online videos, and other web content in their leisure time.

Less proficient learners, on the other hand, are often prevented from making similar use of informal resources for language learning because they have difficulty identifying content that is both at an appropriate linguistic level and aligns with their personal interests. The proposed app will enable these learners to be more independent by helping them evaluate the linguistic difficulty of videos that interest them.



Petra Bernardini, Associate professor at Italian Studies and researcher at LAMiNATE (Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, and Teaching)

Children who grow up in a second language environment might lack input and peer interaction in their first language, the heritage language, a part of their identity, which they have their right to develop, according to the convention on the rights of the child, and Agenda 2030. MITA will be a combination of a chat-talk-language-training-platform with a gaming setting for bilingual children for socializing in their heritage language. The concept builds on the idea of sharing material in a community and will constitute a digital bridge between heritage language teaching in school and spare time input. The online mode makes it possible to gather more children than IRL and hence improves the possibilities of input and interaction in the heritage language.


Dome Project

Ryszard Bobrowicz, Doctoral student at Church and Mission Studies

To respond to the new challenges in the emerging multi-faith societies, the Dome Project aims to create novel solutions for sharing space in both public and private institutions. We create products that help adapt the existing spaces of shared religious/contemplative practice and we support institutions such as hospitals, airports, universities, or private companies in creating novel ones. From concrete products, such as movable prayer domes, through interactive digital hubs, to complete interior design, we take a holistic approach to our clients' needs.


Repurposing Research Data and Expanding Impact

Nicolo Dell'Unto, Associate professor and Senior lecturer Archaeology

This project aims at reusing research data for constructing 3D web visualisation systems capable of supporting the work of different users operating in the heritage sector. By creating a prototype based on the (re)use of 3D high-resolution models of the Lund Cathedral, this project defines tools customised to support heritage practitioners operating in the tourism sectors. Furthermore, the prototype will give online access to a 3D detailed visualisation of several parts of the Lund Cathedral, providing the users (e.g. tourist guides or visitors) with the opportunity to access areas of the church no longer visible.


The Cambridge Investor

Markus Hansen, Doctoral student at National Graduate School of History

The Cambridge Investor is a qualitative financial newsletter and consultancy that is rooted in the humanities and social sciences – history, economic sociology, international relations and, of course, economics. Our calling card is the provision of a deep and broad context for economic developments, market trends, and the future of individual companies. We specialize in approachable content on (the often overlooked) Russian and Eastern European markets, tech, and long-term macroeconomic developments. Our staff of writers and editors hold positions as economists and historians at major Swedish and Russian research institutions, as well as within the US insurance sector.  



William Jones, Doctoral student at Division of Ethnology

Hekima is a different kind of research. As a social innovation, Hekima maximises the societal benefits of research through tailored communications and decolonising research. With a view to bridging the gap between academia, policy, and local communities we use storytelling, engaging content and familiar digital channels to communicate bottom-up solutions that enable evidence-based decision-making.

Hekima’s pilot project - Seeds of Change - builds on ethnographic research into International Development’s impact on pastoralist livelihoods and cultures in Kenya. Their stories are brought to life through high-quality film and projected into the corridors of power to inform change. Using accessible mobile technology we train marginalised people as researchers and content creators and incorporate their own content into the films. Being locally-driven, this ensures their narrative is front and center, as they get to ask, answer and frame how the conversation is managed. A constant feedback loop between the on-the-ground researchers and the experienced Hekima team means that data can be gathered, analysed and presented much quicker than traditional methods.


Contact Innovation Developer sophie [dot] hyden_picasso [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Sophie Hydén Picasso), coordinator and contact person for this call for funding.

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