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All employees – The Sustainable Proposal Testbed

Would you like to contribute to making Lund University more sustainable? Now you have the opportunity to realise your idea through The Sustainable Proposal Testbed.

A Sustainable Workplace - from Idea to Reality 

Lund University is deeply committed to its sustainability strategy and sustainability plan, aiming for remarkable achievements in this area. We know that change requires new ideas. That's why the Lund University is now opening the opportunity to seek funding to address real sustainability challenges within the organisation itself. Your proposal could be crucial to making Lund University more sustainable. In 2024, six projects will receive support of up to 300,000 SEK each, for a project period of up to 12 months. Make your idea a reality and contribute to shaping the future of Lund University!

Who can apply?

All employees at Lund University are eligible. Your employment needs to cover the planned project period. The employment can be as a researcher, doctoral student, postdoctoral fellow, teaching assistant, or student employee. You can only be the main applicant in one application, but you can have a working group in the project. You need approval from your line manager before applying if you plan to work on your proposal during your work day.

What can be funded?

The funding covers activities required to develop, demonstrate, verify, or investigate a proposed solution to an actual need or problem. The funds should cover all costs to implement the proposal, including personnel costs, purchases, travel, and overhead costs. The funds can be used to implement or build on results from previous projects. But the funds cannot be used to invest in someone else's land, property, or premises, and they may not be used for continued operations after the project's completion.

What do we mean by sustainability?

This grant targets projects that deliver positive environmental and social impact with potential financial viability. Sustainable development is about fulfilling today’s needs without jeopardising future generations’ opportunities to satisfy theirs. This requires a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.  In the application form, we will ask you to motivate the idea’s sustainability impact. 

Evaluation criteria

All proposals will be evaluated by an assessment group. They will be assessed based on criteria, including the challenge addressed by the proposal, the project's potential for new solutions, possible sustainability impact, feasibility, and expected results.

Follow up

Half of the funding is paid to the cost center where the main applicant is employed at the start of the project. The other half is paid out upon project completion, within 12 months maximum. Projects must be reported within one month after completion, with a report of maximum three pages including financial accounts. The report should include a description of the results and effects achieved in line with the application. In the report, you should describe any deviations from the plan. Furthermore, you should detail whether the project has led to other effects, such as increased interest in new projects or discussions within or outside the workplace. Furthermore, you should detail whether the project has led to other effects, such as increased interest in new projects or discussions within or outside the workplace. 
Project progress meetings will be held as needed, but at least once halfway through. The administrative function of the Lund University Sustainability Fund convenes project progress meetings.

Click here to access to Lund University’s sustainability plan and strategy

Contact information

For general questions about the fund: sustainabilityfund [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se