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Inceptron is developing a solution that makes it possible to automatically configure FPGs in a way that makes it possible to run AI/ML networks much more energy and cost efficiently than the GPUs/TPUs used in the cloud today.

Today's AI/ML networks are only getting bigger and bigger. This means that the cost, energy consumption and time required to train and drive these becomes an ever greater problem. Inceptron's technology has great potential to do just this, without requiring any change on the part of the customer.

The company and the company's IP are the result of a collaboration between EIT and Mathematics at LTH.


Read more about Inceptron on their website.


Machine Learning acceleration that radically improves performance, cost and energy consumption.

Founded by Lucas Ferreira and Steffen Malkowsky.

Portfolio company since 2023.

Portfolio Manager LU Holding:

erik [dot] larsson [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Erik Larsson), phone +46 76 771 88 66