LU Innovation has various ways in which it can help fund research-based commercialisation projects. Through contact with our business developers, you will learn more about what might suit your project specifically, and how to proceed.

The support measures are based on the progressive development of the project. In addition to these three financial support oppurtunities and equity capital, we also help find external investors who can provide financial backing to projects and companies. 

Available Funding

Test - up to SEK 15 000

Investment to carry out an early assessment of an idea, work on market analysis, novelty assessment or communication.

Verification for Collaboration - up to SEK 150 000

VFS (Verifiering för samverkan) is a grant to encourage collaboration between the academia and society i.e. public organisations, non-profit organisations/trusts and companies. The grant offers support to initiate new collaborative projects.

The primary purpose of the VFS-program is to create value for both parties in collaboration by creating an incentive for the academic partner to participate. 

Verification for Growth - up to SEK 300 000

The Verification for Growth program (in Swedish Verifiering för tillväxt - VFT) aims to verify and validate research-based business concepts and establish the most suitable strategy for further commercialisation. Examples of activities:

  • Needs analysis for customer.
  • Verification of production method.
  • Analysis of regulatory or legal requirements.
  • Technical verification that aims to minimise project risk.
  • Costs of patents and/or trademark protection.

Accelerator - up to SEK 300 000

Investment to help companies that have clear growth potential with operational reinforcement to accelerate the path to the market. For student projects, accelerator investment is available up to 150 000 SEK.

Equity Capital

Through LU Holding we can also provide financial support in the form of equity capital. By investing in a company, we show that we believe in it. This also makes it easier for other investors to follow our example and put money into the idea. In order for us to invest in a company, it must be scalable, unique and have major growth potential. In addition it requires a strong and enterprising team. Our aim is to own a maximum of 20 percent of the company.

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Contact us

For further information about financial support, please contact one of our business developers.


For questions regarding equity capital and company investments contact

Christine Widstrand
christine [dot] widstrand [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se