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Fundamental to the entire IT explosion is the miniaturization that enabled an explosive increase in functionality with a reduced cost and power consumption. Moore's law describes the speed of this miniaturization in a way that has been valid since the mid sixties. However, we are now approaching a limit for the development with resolutions on individual atoms, where 10 nm corresponds to about 20 atoms.

AlixLabs has found and patented a phenomenon that makes it possible in a much simpler and cheaper way to manufacture semiconductors sub 10 nm. Our method can be said to use similar physical problems that other methods try to circumvent.

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Atomic Layer Etching for Nano Device Fabrication. 

Founded by Jonas Sundqvist, Dmitry Suyatin, Sabbir Kahn and Stefan Svedberg.

Portfolio company since 2019


Portfolio Manager LU Holding:

erik [dot] larsson [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Erik Larsson), phone +46 76 771 88 66