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Spec-Imaging has developed a patented optical measuring method for liquids. The method can measure the concentration, colour and turbidity in dense liquids. This type of measuring method is needed in a number of different processing industries, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing or the beverage industry. For a brewery, for example, it is important during the brewing process to keep track of the levels of different substances. Here the Spec-Imaging method can save a lot of manual labour.

Spec-Imaging is based on research at the Department of Physics at Lund University and was founded by Elias Kristensson, Edouard Berrocal, Willliam Chaze and finally Jeremias Püls, who has also stepped in as CEO.

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Optical measuring method for liquids.

Founded by Edouard Berrocal, Willliam Chaze, Elias Kristensson and Jeremias Püls.


Portfolio company since 2020.

Portfolio Manager LU Holding: 

rickard [dot] sjostrom [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Rickard Sjöström), phone +46 76 842 03 95