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Business Development

We provide you with free commercial advice throughout the process. We adapt our services to your needs and circumstances. Our experienced business developers have worked in both academia and industry.

Our primary task is to guide and move you forward but all projects are different and there are no ready-made solutions. For us, it is important to have an open dialogue along the way. Many of the projects we work with are complex and may require that we build slowly. And remember – without your commitment there is no project to work with.

Describe your idea and we map the situation

We usually start with a meeting. If the idea is at a stage where we can start work on commercialisation, we ususally start by mapping the situation, looking at aspects such as the market, competitors, and any possible patenting. The focus and outcome depend on the idea. We do not expect you to have all the answers, but before we start you will be asked to provide a fairly detailed description of your idea.

Test your idea

On the basis of the idea description and the survey, among other things, we consider the best way to proceed with the idea. Many aspects are weighed in: your ambitions, the state of the market, etc. At this stage there are often more questions than answers. However, our business development process focuses on doing things in the right order and finding out the right things first. To help us in this we have some verification funding available. For more information, see Funding.

Develop a sustainable plan

Once the most essential questions have been answered and a there is a basis for a business idea or value proposition, the focus will be on getting together the pieces missing. These aspects vary from one project to another.In terms of funding at this stage, it is possible to apply for verification funding, but also from other funding agencies. We have a wide network and several collaboration partners, and can guide you in this endeavour. 

Is it viable?

Once the initial business development process has been completed, the next task is to determine how the project is to move forward. Many people want to start their own company, while others prefer to sell or transfer their idea to someone else.

We can guide you to other parts of the innovation system – locally, regionally, nationally or internationally – and help you find funding opportunities. 

In projects with which we have an investment agreement, we help with all the agreements needed at the start of the business or licensing deal. We are also involved on the company board. An investment agreement, or research agreement as it is sometimes referred to, means that the University’s holding company can contribute funding to a project even before a company is formed. This money is subsequently converted into company equity.





Get in touch!

We are happy to help you and guide you forward. Contact us or make an appointment with one of our business developers!