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Fredrik Edman. Fotograf Johan Persson.

Fredrik Edman

Patent advisor

Fredrik Edman. Fotograf Johan Persson.

Implementation of a Highly Scalable Architecture for Fast Inversion of Triangular Matrices


  • Fredrik Edman
  • Viktor Öwall

Summary, in English

In this paper, an F'F'GA implementation of a novel and

highly scalable hardware architecture for fast inversion of

triangular matrices is presented. An integral part of

modem signal processing and communications

applications involves manipulation of large matrices.

Therefore, scalable and flexible hardware architectures

are increasingly sought for. In this paper, the traditional

triangular shaped array architecture with n(n+1)/2

communicating processors, with n being the number of

inputs, is mapped to a linear structure with only n

processors, The linear and the triangular shaped

architectures are compared in aspect of area consumption,

latencies, and maximum clocking speed. This paper also

show that the linear array structure avoids drawhacks such

as non-scalability, large area, and large power

consumption. The implementation is based on a

numerically stahle recurrence algorithm, which has

excellent properties for hardware implementation.


  • Department of Electrical and Information Technology

Publishing year






Document type

Conference paper


  • Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering

Conference name

IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS), 2003

Conference date

2003-12-14 - 2003-12-17

Conference place

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates