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Tania embraced the ride

A struggle with herself is how Tania Ramos Moreno describes the worst part about developing research results further and starting a company. But now, that struggle seems to be gone – replaced with enthusiasm and a strong will to make a difference.


– Will it work out? Can I handle it? Do I dare to do it? I fought against myself. But I decided to try my best. And I am very happy I did, says Tania Ramos Moreno.

She is a doctor in Neuroscience, originally from Spain. She came here as a Postdoc, wanting to learn more about cell therapies and gene therapies for treating disease.

– This is the place to be when you are into advanced cell therapies. And that was what I wanted to develop. And then I fell in love with Lund and I stayed here.

On to something

Recently she started her own company, Strominnate Therapeutics, developing effective treatments for conditions in the central nervous system. Right now, they are focusing on glioblastoma, the deadliest brain tumor among adults today.

Taking the innovation path was easier than she expected. She didn’t know much except she was on to something that could lead to something else. Tania says her team – with people from LU Innovation and LU Holding – has been crucial, always supporting and guiding her when needed.

– To realize that other people also believe in your idea, that is fantastic, she says.

Figured out what was missing

Studying diseases in the central nervous system, Tania knew that the immune cells play a vital role. And she figured out what was missing – she found a new immune cell type that can be used for treating diseases. Today she is fully committed to the company, working full-time for Strominnate Therapeutics.

– But I still have one leg in academia since the lab is in the building, so I can still interact with my former colleagues and that is really great. It is like the best of two worlds!

In the future, she hopes to add to the treatment of psychiatric disorders and aging with the help of Strominnate Therapeutics novel therapy.

– It is a strong belief in our company that we must develop something of value for society. It’s not because you want to be profitable, it is because you want to make a difference.

Her brother the driving force

She became a researcher because of her brother, who was born with a rare condition. As a kid, Tania wanted to understand it and treat it. Her family had to struggle with the uncertainty of not knowing enough, and not being able to help. It was tough handling anxiety and depression, and also the response from others.  

Tania says she sees two paths for researchers when starting a company. One that is service driven, you use your skills and abilities to help other companies or other people, like a service. The other is when you want to develop something new, innovate and impact society. 

– Because of my brother, I always bear this in mind. I can make a difference and make an impact.

Strominnate Therapeutics is working hard to establish itself, developing a standardized way of producing its cell-based treatment. The next step is to test it. After that, they will need to attract investors and partners to go towards clinical trials. It is a pretty long ride ahead, but Tania is calm:

– If you want to go toward innovation, just embrace the ride. It is not that difficult. No one tells you exactly what is going to happen, but you get help to take it step by step.


About Strominnate Therapeutics

Strominnate Therapeutics offers a new product as a novel therapy for treating Glioblastoma Multiforme, the deadliest brain tumor among adults. Their product contains the antitumoral components and the environment modulators produced by a recently discovered human immune cell. 

Preclinical models show that this product can double life expectancy by hindering cell division and effectively modulating the tumor environment composition to boost the effect of immunotherapy.

Compared to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, modulation of the tumor environment is a competitive advantage for Strominnate Therapeutics products. It allows immunotherapy and vaccine approaches to be efficient because the brain tumor tissue is prepared to respond and facilitate their effect, allowing patients to be sensitized to respond and extend their survival. 

Strominnate Therapeutics website


To realize that other people also believe in your idea, that is fantastic!
Tania Ramos Moreno, founder of Strominnate Therapeutics