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Jesper Bristulf. Fotograf Johan Persson.

Jesper Bristulf


Jesper Bristulf. Fotograf Johan Persson.

The State of The Research


  • Carola Tilgmann
  • Mikael Graffner
  • Jesper Bristulf
  • Yvonne Hultman Özek

Summary, in English

Introduction. Information overload, special competences need in the area of information analysis, demand of business innovation, a struggle in the grant jungle are strong factors that influence the daily work flow for a researcher. Taking these aspects into consideration, we introduce a concept that we have named The State of The Research.

Aim. We aim to broaden the researcher’s view in his/her research area and give insights into new opportunities for innovation and collaboration. The idea here is that the researchers would also be able to use a part or the whole package of the State of The Research in their future grant applications.

Method. Our concept is a comprehensive package containing medical information analysis and visualization, news and social media monitoring, patent landscape analysis, and bibliometric analysis – all based on the particular research area of interest for the individual researcher/research group. We are using text mining tools in combination with visualization related to PubMed and Chemical Abstracts to extract research related questions from larger data sets. By using bibliometric mapping techniques, we can also reveal structures in the studied research field, e.g. networks of influential authors, clusters of key concepts and frequently cited articles. We are approaching the researchers face to face in their environment where we present the compiled material describing The State of The Research. For example, we cover a broad disease area that has been selected in advance in collaboration with the researchers. With our analysis tools, we recognize collaboration opportunities and approximate freedom to operate within the research based on patents. We have taken trend analysis in a form of co-word analysis related to time to indicate possible rising or falling research within a disease area.

Preliminary results. Personal communication and an understanding in each individual field of The State of The Research get the researchers attention. This in turn has also led to increased requests for deeper analysis. Future prospects and developments will be to offer education in grant application writing Moreover, we would like to use more general text mining approaches to answer research related questions faster and with larger datasets. In sum, allocation of research funds is becoming more competitive and we need to support our researchers not only with bibliometric analysis but with new concepts like The State of The Research to give support to researcher´s grant applications.


  • Information Studies

Conference name

14th EAHIL Conference 11-13 June.

Conference date


Conference place

Rome, Italy