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Exploratory Pre-Seed Program

LU Innovation introduces a Pre-Seed Program within Life Science – funding up to 400 000 SEK per project.

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The program targets research projects in the life science sector with a commercial/innovation potential. To explore this potential, activities outside the scope of existing research project can be funded by the Exploratory Pre-Seed Program.

Granted proposals receive funding from 100 000 up to 400 000 SEK per project, paid to appropriate host department for the duration of a maximum of 12 months to support:

Case 1: A specified study aimed at demonstrating commercial/innovation potential of a research finding for a possible investor and/or industrial partner.


Case 2: For development of entrepreneurship in parallel with an already funded research project in the life science sector.

Granted projects are expected to be reported within one month after termination/conclusion.


The Exploratory Pre-Seed Program – for whom?

At least one of the applicants must be a researcher or PhD student employed at an academic institution in Skåne or Blekinge that is part of Innovation Office Syd.

What can be funded?

Eligible expenses should be related to specific activities needed to demonstrate commercial/innovation potential of a research result and salary cost for Project Leader when relevant.


How to apply

Application for Exploratory Pre-Seed Program 2016 is closed.


For further information

Contact relevant business coach at LU Innovation or other academic institutions in Skåne or Blekinge.