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Education and inspiration

How can I commercialise my research? How can I communicate my idea in the best possible way? What do I need to consider in terms of patents and intellectual property rights? And what funding opportunities are available? LU Innovation organises lectures, presentations and courses to inspire and educate.

We offer both recurring courses in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as individual presentations at your department, adapted to your specific needs and circumstances. Contact us and together we will find a good solution!

To educate and be inspired

Commercialise your Research

For the last five years, LU Innovation, together with the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, has offered a course of 7.5 credits for doctoral students on how to commercialise your research. 

Researchers today are faced with growing expectations that their research will help contribute to the common good. Obviously, there are a number of different ways of achieving this. Some researchers might see potential in starting their own business based on their research. Some may want to license their results to established companies or start a consultancy. Others see the opportunity to initiate social projects that help create valuable benefits and development.

The present course gives the participants an introduction to entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation of research through lectures and practical workshops. The focus is on the entrepreneurial process, including how to:

  • identify a business opportunity
  • design a business model
  • perform a market analysis
  • manage intellectual property rights and financing.

The course is in English and is offered every year. It is very popular and receives high scores on course evaluations.

For more information, please contact fredrik [dot] edman [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Fredrik Edman) or read more on the course webpage.

Science for Society

Science for Society is an Interreg project in which Lund University, through LU Innovation and the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, is one of four partner universities. Given that only a small proportion of those who graduate from doctoral studies have the opportunity for a career in research, this project is intended to motivate doctoral students and postdocs to start considering their options also outside academia. The project aims to inspire entrepreneurship and highlight opportunities available outside university. 

Learn how to pitch your research as a TED speaker

Through Science for Society, LU Innovation organises a Pitch Training Day for doctoral students – a one-day course in how to effectively communicate research to your audience. The participants are equipped with concrete tools used in, for example, TED talks and investor presentations, while practising on their own pitches. Pitch Training Days are arranged a couple of times a year. For more information, please contact fredrik [dot] edman [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Fredrik Edman).

Network and become inspired

Within the Science for Society project, several other events for inspiration, education and networking are arranged at the other partner universities: the University of Oslo in Norway, and Aarhus University and Aalborg University in Denmark. These events are free of charge for students from Lund University, and the project may also be able to cover certain associated travel expenses. 

Presentations and inspirational lectures

Would you like to know more about patents and intellectual property rights? Or funding opportunities for commercial research projects? Or perhaps how innovation activities can help you with your social innovations?

We are happy to give presentations and inspirational lectures adapted to your questions. info [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Contact us!)



Education & inspiration

info [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Contact us) if you are interested in our educational or inspirational activities. We are happy to visit you and your department!



Caroline Bolmesson

“I strongly recommend Commercialise your Research. Above all, it has made me confident in presenting my idea and taught me how to plan my project financially within realistic frameworks.” 

Caroline Börjesson, Department of Biology


Commercialise your Research provides opportunities for reaching a much wider audience. The best part of the course is the individual help and support you receive from the course directors.”


Martin Hassler Hallstedt, Department of Psychology