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LU Holding AB manages and is a partner in a number of companies, which in various ways supports commercialization and utilization.

LU Bio

Investment company LU Bio was founded in 2007 in order to start new biomedical companies and help them to establish themselves on the market. LU Bio gets involved at an early stage with capital and expertise and has three portfolio companies; XImmune develops anti-inflammatory treatment for sepsis, Cantargia develops a conceptually new therapy for leukemia and Follicum that develops pharmaceutical therapies for the treatment of hair-loss. 

LU License AB

The holding companys' subsidiary LU License AB can help licensing findings to existing companies. A licensing agreement gives others the right to use your invention or research results for a fee. You must however own the intellectual property to the findings.

A licensing deal involves negotiations and a lot of legal issues, which means that the transaction is often complex. LU License offers help with licensing strategies and licensing agreements. Contact christine [dot] widstrand [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Christine Widstrand) for more information.


In spring 2003, Economics students Hampus Pihl and Johan Funnemark carried out a survey of the shortcomings and potential for improvement in education among Lund students. The study showed that there was a marked lack of practical work and contacts with business and industry. That led to the kick-off of Lunicore – Lund University’s student consultancy company which offers tailor-made consultancy services with a particular focus on the fields of IT and management.


Software institute Sigrun converts research findings in software into innovations on the market. This is achieved by researchers and participants from companies and public authorities testing new technologies and development processes in joint projects. The software institute has cooperated with the engineering and systems development company Epsilon, among others.




Contact us

Want to know more about our investments or subsidiaries? Contact Christine Widstrand, Executive Vice President. 

christine [dot] widstrand [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se
Tel: +46 46 222 12 95, +46 709 28 63 78