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sb1 pharma


SB1 Pharma is based on a patented discovery that tumors with low levels or absence of the tumor suppressor SMARCB1 are sensitive to drugs called proteasome inhibitors. Such tumor types are currently treated by high dose chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy with serious side effects and a poor prognosis.

SMARCB1-low or -negative tumors encompass diverse types, including synovial sarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, and rhabdoid tumors. Many SMARCB1-low or -negative tumors occur in children. 

The company's goal is to use proteasome inhibitors for the treatment of such tumor types. A companion diagnostic test to identify SMARCB1-low or -negative cases will enable a personalized medicine approach.



SB1 Pharma

Uses proteasome inhibitors for the treatment of certain tumor types.

Portfolio company since 2019.


Portfolio Manager LU Holding:

christine [dot] widstrand [at] innovation [dot] lu [dot] se (Christine Widstrand), phone +46 70 928 63 78