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For students

We support the students at Lund University through VentureLab, platform to encourage entrepreneurship and support students and recent graduates who are considering starting their own business.

Realize your ideas

If you are a student, it is in most cases the VentureLab you should turn to for advice and support in developing your business idea. VentureLab is a part of LU Innovation and is co-funded by all faculties at Lund University. VentureLab provides idea and business counselling, inspirational activities and the chance to move into the student incubator in the middle of Ideon. 

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Thinking of patenting?

In some cases, you can also get help by LU Innovations's counsellors, especially if you need help to apply for a patent to protect your idea. For getting in touch with our counsellors we advise you to first contact VentureLab, they can refer you to the right person at LU Innovation when there is a need for this type of counselling.


In addition to business advice, mainly through Venture Lab, you also have the opportunity to receive financial assistance for the development of your business idea by the project Leapfrogs. Each summer/autumn, we give a number of students the opportunity to work with their ideas on full time for three months, when we give them financial assistance during the same time. All students at the Lund University or other universities and colleges in Skåne and Blekinge can apply for the Leapfrogs support.

You apply for Leapfrogs in the spring and work with your idea in the summer or autumn of the same year.

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Contact VentureLab

VentureLab is open to all students, no matter what you study and no matter how far you have come in your studies. It does not matter what kind of idea you have, if you are looking to offer a new service or a new product.

Maybe you are just curious about what it means to start your own business? 

Give us a call or check out our website!


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