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What our friends say

Many clever research results never reach beyond the University walls. We want to change that. By commercialising the University’s knowledge we can create more job opportunities and increase economic growth, while enabling new and valuable solutions to quickly benefit society.

Here you can read stories from researchers who have taken their findings from concept to reality, together with us at LU Innovation.


"I dared to curb my fears"

Charles Walther

Charles Walther, Cytology physician and researcher in Clinical Genetics.

Idea: Instrument to improve cancer diagnosis, Endodrill. Founded BIBB Instruments.


"The support from LU Innovation was important, I couldn't have done it without them. I have no training in economics and no experience of the business side. With their help, I dared to curb my fears and trust my judgement. The dream is to make the instrument a reality which will hopefully help many patients every day”.

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"An incredibly interesting journey"

Christina Skjöldebrand

Christina Skjöldebrand, Researcher in Food Technology. 

Idea: Measuring technique to control, assure quality and optimise the hyperglycaemic effect of food products. Fouded ViscoSens AB.

"It has been an incredibly interesting journey. Being part of a start-up company based on research, seeing how to apply for money for things other than research projects, and getting recognition and interest from people and organisations around us is fantastic”.

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"Take the step"

Klas Nilsson

Klas Nilsson, Researcher in Productive Robotics.

Idea: Method to increase the precision of robotic movements. Founder of Cognibotics.

Starting a company is interesting in itself. There are ways of doing it step by step, so that you don't need to expose yourself to a major risk at once. You see whether it seems right or whether to postpone it, if it is a tough market for example. But you should still take the step and see how it feels!

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"A lot of expertise in various sectors"

Lennart Larsson

Lennart Larsson, Researcher in Medical Microbiology.

Idea: Product that stops harmful emissions in houses damaged by humidity and ensures a healthy indoor environment, the adsorption cloth cTrap.

In this case, it was not only a question of business development. At LU Innovation, there is a lot of expertise in various sectors. It was their expertise within technology and their contacts in industry that allowed us to develop the product. I would never have had time to find that expertise elsewhere."

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"Most of us are not interested in money"

Porträtt Charlotte Erlanson Albertsson

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, Researcher in Biochemistry. 

Idea: Method and product of the spinach powder Aptiless for increased appetite control and decreased sugar cravings. 

We researchers are not business people. That is why it is so important to have services such as LU Innovation, where people are honest and can explain what things entail and what consequences different decisions will have in the future. Clarity is important, most of us are not interested in money or business processes, they require a different skill set and that is where we need help”.

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"Personal chemistry is extremely important"

Porträtt Malin Sjöö

Malin Sjöö, Researcher and reader in Food Technology.

Idea: Environmentally and skin-friendly encapsulation method to stabilise skin creams among other things, based on natural quinoa starch. Founded Speximo AB.

This is something you have worked on a great deal and you are investing in developing. So you have to be able to do it together – the arguments should come from the right people and correspond to the way in which you want to work. Personal chemistry is extremely important and LU Innovation managed to connect the right people to our project.”

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"Acted as door-openers"

Porträtt Lars-Erik Wernersson

Lars-Erik Wernersson, Researcher in Nanotechnology

Idea: High-frequency electronics to use in radar systems among other things, with high accuracy and low energy consumption. Founder of Acconeer.

LU Innovation helped us with the structure when we set up the company, contributed to ensuring all the paperwork was in order, made sure that we brought in external expertise to the company and acted as door-openers to their networks.

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