In order to successfully commercialise academic research findings, LU Innovation collaborates with other partners, such as business incubators and various types of funding bodies, for grants and seed funding. We also keep close contact with different actors within business development and with industrial networks.

We work closely with partners in business development and with various industrial networks. The projects developed in LU Innovation’s processes – idea to business – often have a long road ahead before becoming truly profitable. It is therefore very important to maintain contact with others working in the innovation sector to receive advice and exchange experiences, especially when the project is transformed into a company. Below is a selection of the partners in our network which can offer additional support to the projects and companies that pass through LU Innovation.


Almi has the task of creating growth and renewal in business and industry through financing in combination with advice.

Almi Invest invests in companies with scalable business concepts and prospects for long-term capital growth.

Connect Skåne is a non-profit network that helps innovative companies to develop and grow, among other things by linking innovators and entrepreneurs to the resources required to succed.

Swedish Energy Agency works to develop an energy system that will provide future generations with at least the same level of welfare as we currently enjoy.

European Enterprise Network is one of the world's largest business networks of organisations that offer services and support to small and medium-sized enterprises 

Ideon Science Park was build over 30 years ago right next to the University of Lund in order to connect science and research with innovators and entrepreneurs. Ideon was the first Science Park of its kind in Sweden and northern Europe. Today Ideon Science Park has a diverse set of competencies within connectivity, ICT, Life science, cleantech, medtech, smart materials and food innovation.

Ideon Innovation offers an internationally recognised incubator process which helps entrepreneurs to build high quality growth-oriented companies faster.

Innovation Skåne provides professional business guidance across all sectors to entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers or anyone with great ideas and the ambition to build a strong, internationally minded enterprise. Through strong relations with Region Skåne, the largest healthcare provider in this region, they offer exclusive help to their innovative employees as well as to external business partners, who wish to develop and commercialize new healthcare products.

Innovationsarena Skåne Nordost is a cooperation project between the municipalities of northeastern Skåne and Krinova Incubator & Science Park. They provide support for ideas which can give rise to new companies within a relatively short time, increasing employment and industrial development.

Invest in Skåne has the task of attracting foreign investments to the region and of promoting exports and internationalisation for companies based in Skåne

Medeon is a research park in the field of Life Science. Offers participation in skills networks, office space, incubator support for newly established companies and service functions such as a reception and restaurant.

MINC helps entrepreneurs to achive faster expansion with lower risk in a creative and network-based environment and is a platform for meetings between young entrepreneurs, traditional business research and innovation.

Mobile Heights is a cooperation platform where industry, research and Region Skåne cooperate to promote development within mobile communication in southern Sweden.

Nano Connect Scandinavia creates cooperation between the business and academic worlds, in the areas of nanotechnology and nanoscience. The network is created by seven Universities and institutes in south-western Scandinavia.

P.U.L.S. is an incubator and financier for projects within Life Science. P.U.L.S. gets involved with the innovators early on in order to bring about an optimal IP platform and a quality assured project.

Packbridge is a network organisation for all stakeholders in the packaging industry. The aim of the organisation is to contribute to increades innovation, growth and employment within the packaging industry.

SEED Capital is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark, investing in tech and medtech startups in Denmark and Skåne. 

Skåne Food Innovation Network  works to develop the Swedish food industry, by increasing the speed of innovation and value added in the industry, among other things. The food industry cluster is strongly supported in the region’s higher education institutions and business development organisations.

Skåne Startups is a grassroots startup community movement, enabling startup initiatives in Skåne. Malmö Startups, Lund Startups, Helsingborg Startups and Women in Entrepreneurship are all initiatives powered by Skåne Startups.

Smile Incubator (former Lund Life Science Incubator) is a business incubator which helps entrepreneurs within Life Science to develop and commercialise their ideas.

Sten K Johnsons Foundation support ”cross border” initiatives and innovative individuals who dare venture into untested landscape to develop new ways forward. 

Venture Cup aims to stimulate the creation of new, innovative companies with sustainable potential for growth and to increase knowledge about and interest in entrepreneurship in Sweden.

VentureLab is a part of LU Innovation and platform to encourage entrepreneurship and support students and recent graduates who are considering starting their own business. Venture Lab offers training, advice and office space in the student incubator.

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. Our mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovation, as well as funding needs-driven research.