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Pitch your research as a TED talker!

Learn how to effectively communicate your research and break through the noise
LU Innovation invites PhD students to a Pitch Training Day on May 3rd.

Research communication and dissemination is becoming more and more important and is today considered to be an integral part of a researcher’s job function. However, many researchers, especially PhD students, struggle to effectively communicate their research and break through the noise and reach the stakeholders/recipients of the research.

A key element to “break through” the noise is often to have a good pitch, a.k.a. elevator pitch or research spiel. It is a concise, rehearsed statement of who you are, and your research interests and experience. 

We invite you to our Pitch Training Day, free of charge. The purpose is to equip the participating PhD students with some basic tools, used for instance in TED Talks and in pitching for investments, as well as doing hands-on training with your own research pitch! After attending the Pitch Training Day we guarantee that you will be much more confident in both presenting your research as well as in your teaching!

When? Wednesday 3rd of May between 8:30 – 17:00 (participation all day is required)
Where? LU Innovation, Sölvegatan 16
Cost? Free-of-charge, lunch included 

How to sign up
Send a message to fredrik.edman [at] (subject: Pitch%20Training%20Day) saying that you want to attend. Don’t wait too long since we only have room for 20 persons!

How to prepare 
You have to prepare a 4 minute pitch of your research project or an idea that you want to commercialize.

Our Speakers

Caroline Bolmeson is a presentation coach with a PhD in molecular biology that recently co-organised TEDx Lund University 2016. She will introduce 4MAT, a simple and helpful method to find the essence of your message.

Fredrik Edman, PhD EE, and Sven Olsson, PhLic SP, works at LU Innovation helping researchers at Lund university to commercialize their research. They have extensive experience in how to pitch research to different stakeholders, such as Vinnova, using the NABC method from Stanford Research Institute, SRI. 


The Pitch Training Day is a part of the Interreg project Science for Society

Science for society och Interreg, logotyper
2017-05-03 08:30 till 17:00
LU Innovation, Sölvegatan 16

Om händelsen

2017-05-03 08:30 till 17:00
LU Innovation, Sölvegatan 16