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Previous holdings

Actar – pharmaceutical company.

Applied Geomatics Sweden – dedicated to geoscience and geomatics. Preparation of spatial data, developing applications for mobile devices, GIS analysis and modeling etc.

Aventure – biotechnology company that develops functional foods.

BioActive Polymers – the developer of BioBarrier™, an effective and user friendly post-surgical adhesion barrier spray.

BioInvent – pharmaceutical company focused on discovery and development of innovative antibody-based drugs against cancer.

BioMill – technology for grain sorting.

B Venture – licensing company for beer that lowers cholesterol levels.

Caleigo – applications for mobile telephony.

Cognimatics – products in the areas of intelligent surveillance. Acquired by Axis 2016.

ConCellae – biotech company.

Clinical Laserthermia Systems –  a product for the treatment of solid cancer tumours.

Dermagen – (merged into Pergamum) develops medicines for the treatment of infections caused by micro-organisms.

Exini – provides advanced software for image analysis within diagnostics.

GasOptics Sweden – offers measurement services determining the concentration and flow of gases with optical technology. 

InXL Innovation – today Avensia AB, a leading nordic e-commerce provider.

ISET – a silicon-based plate covered with antibodies used to diagnos serious diseases such as cancer through an ordinary blood sample. 

Lundonia – biotechnology company that develops products for quantitative binding studies.

Nanosep – products in the area of medical diagnostics.

Medviso – offers quantative medical image analysis.

Mistbase – provides a complete NB-IoT physical layer implementation solution. Acquired by ARM in 2017.

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical – biotech company in mitochondrial research and development. 

Nocturnal Vision – technique and development within nocturnal vision.

Phenoliv – extracts healthy antioxidants from waste products of olive oil production.

Phibioscience – develops a method for diagnosing ADHD.

ProEngCo Tooling – metallic alloys and production techniques for casting. 

ResQU – mobile phone locating system to find people that are find in avalanches.

Sensodetect – diagnostic method for detecting ADHD and schizophrenia.

SpectraCure – software in the areas of medical technology.

Silent Control – more effective alarm management focusing on the reduction of false alarms.

Swiftfoot Graphics – computer programme for the fast calculation of advanced 3D graphics. Sold to Intel in 2007.

Trafvid – technique for using video to collect traffic data.

Umbilical Design – architecture and industrial design focusing on the space industry and extreme environments. 

Vibrosense Dynamics – systems for early detection of impaired vibration sensibility to prevent e.g. occupational injuries by vibrations.

Wnt Research – develops novel anti-metastatic therapies.



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